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O-R-B is a game about the death and the birth of a star. Shortly after his home is destroyed, Orb finds himself caught in an alternate dimension called the Puzzleverse. Here, he quickly learns of Ophicius, the evil behind his home world devastation, who is based in the center of this new dimension. Reaching him will be no easy task as he is surrounded by puzzles and wormhole challenges - which increase in difficulty the closer Orb gets to his goal. Orb will need to discover the 12 fragments of the galaxy, hidden away throughout the constellations of the Puzzleverse. Only then, will he hold the power to face and defeat Ophicius.


Ever played a game when you were around 10 or 11 and the concepts of the game stuck with you throughout your life? Ever had this never ending itch, that you periodically scratch every once in a while? Well the history of O-R-B is much like my itch. I had scratched this itch slightly by starting O-R-B's predecessor back in 1988 - age 16 - using Delphi and an Open GL framework. After getting relatively far with the concept, the game drifted away only to make a return around 3 years ago (2013) - this time in 3D. Sure, building the game in 3D allowed me to add some nice dimension - not only in terms of visuals, but also in terms of the puzzles and puzzle elements themselves. However I was never really satisfied with the game as it was failing to capture the essence of my original vision. This version of the game was short lived and was put away for a rainy day. Come 2015. The itch was now no longer a small little annoyance - it dominated my thoughts - and O-R-B was born. Through this game I will finally be able to reach the goal that I had once started in 1988: Finish the game, take it to the finish line, and close this chapter.


  • 140 Puzzles, located throughout the constellations of the Puzzleverse
  • Over 20 unique puzzle elements: Lightblocks, Lightbridges, Panels, Timed Panels, Switches, Bullet hell Turrets, Deflectors, Teleports, Blockers, Electric Gates, Feather blocks, Gravity Blocks, Rotators, Orb Catchers, Hunters, Watchers, Guards, Assassins to name a few
  • Over 12 side scrolling challenges - brave the wormholes to travel from one constellation to the next.
  • 6 Unique upgrades and items which will help you solve the puzzles: Pulse, Sprint, Hop, Translocate, Harpoon and X-Ray Vision
  • 6 Unique upgrades and items which will help you through the wormhole challenges: Pulse, Bash, Charge, Backblast, Time Stop and Atomic Pulse
  • Absolutely amazing atmospheric sound track
  • Absolutely gorgeous aesthetics


Official Alpha Demo Teaser Trailer 1 YouTube

Gameplay Video - Wormhole Teaser (Back Blast Unlock) YouTube

Gameplay Video - Welcome Teaser YouTube

Gameplay Viedeo - Colour Swap Teaser YouTube

Backend Dev Footage - Time Lapse with focus on Colour Swap Elements YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (47MB)
Skill and Zodiac.png
The Puzzleverse - 1.png
Wormholes - Work in progress 1.png
Death of Orb's Home Star.png
ORB Official Cover Coming Soon.png
Through the Wormhole.png
unlock debug room.png
Back Blast Hook 2.png
Wormholes - Work in progress 3.png
Wormholes - Work in progress 2.png
Orbs Intro Cut 2.png
Ability Unlocks.png
Disctrict 9.png
Title Screen.png
Game Progression Wheel.png
Pulses (Blue).png
A Strange New World.png
Pulses (Red).png
The Puzzleverse - 2.png

There are currently no logos or icons available for O-R-B. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

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Devil's Peek Games is a small, one man Indie Game Studio working on its debut title: O-R-B.

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Rene Kimble
Music Producer

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